Eric Welsh

Music Composer / Foley Artist / Sound Design

Synths / Keyboards / Piano 

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson - New York

Berklee College of Music Graduate


Eric Welsh at Linked In

I am a Musician and a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson in New York at Grand Lux Realty

I am on the Board of Trustees with Massachusetts Eye and Ear focusing on ear disorders

Discogs has a list of some of my past audio work here

Eric Welsh Artist/Engineer

The majority of my past film work is listed here

Eric Welsh (II) at 

A company I consult for and I am also an investor 

Realtime Immersion

I was in EQ magazine

Eric Welsh in EQ Magazine

I was featured in Tape Op Magazine December of 2008

Tape Op Magazine Back Issues

A little article from one of my favorite Pro Audio companies, API, when I used to work at Chillhouse Studios, I'm now located near NYC

Welsh and API Audio

Another article regarding a past company of mine

The Show


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